Developer's Lab

By Diogo Pinto - DiØ


I am a Software Engineering, Systems Analyst and Programmer. My first experience began as Network Administrator and Information Security. Over time, I was becoming an enthusiastic lover Linux Operating System and wanted to know how it worked. For this reason, I decided learn C and C++ language programming.

Because my appreciation for the Linux programming, I also became an Android developer.

Software & Programming Expertise

  • C/C++

    • Bulding features with integration in PFSense.
    • Creating tools with Asterisk System integration.

  • Kotlin

    • Lambda Receiver.
    • Coroutines.
    • Singleton Pattern mechanism.
    • Delegates and Lazy initialization.
    • Android
      • Framework Koin dependency injection.
      • Async Server and Client Ktor Framework.

  • Perl

    • SSH modules that connects with servers and execute commands.

  • PHP

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Groovy

Operational System Known

  • Linux

    • Compiling Kernel.
    • Multiples command line knowleged.

  • Android

My interests

Proof of Concept | Test Driven Development | Oriented Object Programming | Aspect Oriented Programming and Functional Programming | Parallel and Concurrent Programming | Discrete Mathematics | Regular Expressions | Developing Custom Gradle Plugins | Android Security Features …

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